Group sessions

We offer mat work and small equipment classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Dorchester and Wyke.

Small equipment used under supervision is a great way to enable everyone in a group to work in ways best suited to individual needs, whatever your starting point.

There is never any pressure to work in any way that doesn’t feel safe for your own body.

Our wide range of balls, hoops, bands, and balance pads challenges, assists, and certainly keeps class interesting!

Booking is by the term or half term to support the safe, consistent progression that comes through regular attendance. It also helps us keep class sizes small, reasonably priced, and to plan sessions effectively.

It is never easy, but a bit of ‘me time’ focus is increasingly important in our busy lives.

We offer a safe, welcoming space to retrain and develop strength, balance, and mobility, as well as increase awareness of how your own body moves. There is laughter, learning, new friends, after-class coffee, and even sea dips, if you fancy that! Sessions mix strength, balance, flexibility, co-ordination, brain challenge, and fun. 

So, whether you are recovering from injury, want to improve/challenge balance, increase your standing weight bearing activity, or scaffold your current fitness programme, please get in touch. 

One more thing: first timers go free!

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One-to-one sessions

Visit our FAQ page to find out more about dates, times and cost.


We care about you!

Before starting exercise, it is sensible to check with your health care professional and to let us have the information you feel we need to help you work safely and productively for your individual needs.

To help with this, please complete this registration form before attending your first session. Dorchester classes are held up a short flight of stairs.

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