Pilates can be recommended by the NHS and other health care professions as part of a life long well being programme. We welcome the opportunity to work with health care providers, community groups and individuals.

Pilates is taught in one-to-one and group sessions and should always be led by an experienced and qualified instructor.  You can read the NHS guide to Pilates here

Care and residential homes

In addition to teaching Pilates, Sharon is a creative and experienced wellbeing and CST (cognitive stimulation therapy) facilitator.

Pilates is a recognised therapy in training balance, strength and global proprioception. It can be delivered in standing or sitting. 

CST is an evidence-based cognition therapy for people with a mild to moderate dementia. It is the only non-medical therapy endorsed by UK government guidelines and the NHS as part of promoting cognition, independence and wellbeing for the cognitive symptoms of dementia. 

Please contact Sharon  if you would like to know more or to discuss how Pilates and/or cognition therapy may have a place in your learning and wellbeing plans.

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