Sunflower Superhighway

The Idea

At the start of the first lockdown in March 2020, Sharon Morgan was living on a boat with a badly broken leg, working for a small environmental charity in London. Like so many, she began working from home. Unlike so many, although unable walk, she was fortunate to be surrounded by water, wildlife and an amazing boatyard community. This healing space gave her time to think of ways to keep her urban community growing project connected, and to offer parents a few fun, cheap, curriculum-linked, home-based activities. Using seed harvested in 2019 by her early years gardening group (aptly named Little Sprouts) she sent seed to home addresses – and the Sunflower Superhighway was born!

Sunflowers with bees and wasps

At the same time in Dorchester, Hazel Hoskin from Maiden Castle Farm was developing her own innovative plans for a Sunflower Trail, with the idea that a percentage of takings from the event would go to charity. The first trail took place in 2021, supporting the Special Care Baby Unit at Dorset County Hospital, a charity very close to her heart.

When Sharon returned to Dorchester, it was inevitable that the two would cross paths and cross-pollinate ideas!

Where we are

Growing sunflowers is a positive, happy activity for all ages. It strengthens our connection with being outdoors, with the seasons, has many cross-curricular learning links, and is a great way to understand more about local growing, local farming and the relationship between plants, people and pollinators.

Get Involved

We hope that sharing and growing seeds and ideas will create a highway full of hope, happiness, and pitstops for pollinators across Dorchester and surrounding areas.

Whether you are an individual or an organisation, why not share and hashtag your own sunflower projects with #sunflowersuperhighway #maidencastlefarm. You can follow the farm on Facebook and the sunflower superhighway on Instagram.

Sunflower Sundowner is back! We had such fun wafting our legs around in a field of sunflowers. Why not join us!

Resources and ideas – please share your own!

The Maiden Castle Sunflower Trail

RHS Schools for Gardening lesson plans

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Garden Detectives

Important Note:

You always need to ask the landowner’s permission before sowing or planting anything.

Sunflower Sundowner

It's happening - just waiting on the weather and the sunflowers!

Sunday Shorts

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