Are you looking for ways to benefit your employees, your organisation, and enhance work-life well being in your workplace?

Then we would love to work with you!

We believe Pilates as part of any induction or ongoing occupational health programme can have several benefits:

Improved health and wellbeing: a Pilates session as part of your induction process demonstrates your organisation’s dedication to employee health and well-being from the outset, making it an attractive choice for discerning top applicants.

Improved general health: whether in an office, warehouse, kitchen or teaching environment, better posture and core strength can contribute to a decrease in prevalent work-related injuries, such as repetitive strain and stress-related issues.

Improved staff retention: a pro-active commitment to staff well-being can attract top applicants and increase retention rates, reducing the loss of invaluable institutional knowledge and expertise, as well as associated expenses.

Improved organisational reputation: integrating Pilates into your induction process conveys a strong message that your organisation organisation values the well-being of its team as well as its product.

It’s fun!

Pilates should always be led by an experienced and qualified instructor.

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read the NHS guide to Pilates

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